Marketplace upgrade March 19, 2019.

While we are awaiting for further announcements by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC), our product team have been working to deploy these new features that we hope will enhance your trading experience on Marketplace. We are pleased to announce that on March 19th, 2019, we've succesfully launched several major improvements on the platform and here's a few notable upgrades that you should know.

1. Multi Sig Wallet powered by Bitgo Business Solutions.


Probably the most radical update we've made for your security AND convenience. BitGo is the leader in security, compliance, and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies and is used by many leading digital asset exchanges in the world. By integrating Bitgo's solution, you can now deposit and withdraw bitcoin, ether and XRP on Marketplace faster, seamless and secure.

There will be a 0.2% fee charged on BTC, ETH and XRP withdrawals.

2. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)


To enhance the security measures for your account we have integrated Two Factor Authentication (2FA) powered by Google Authenticator which requires all our clients to download the Authenticator mobile application by Google.

2FA activation is optional but highly recommended.

Download the Authenticator app here:

3. Price Calculator


When placing a Buy Limit Order on the platform, you can now refer to the automatic calculator which would display the exact amount of fiat or volume of digital asset required. This would come useful for traders that are placing staggered orders on the order-book.

4. Recent Trades


As required by the SC for platforms to display Pre and Post trade information, we've now included a section on the order-book that displays the time stamp of recent trades in our effort to promote greater transparency and price discovery.

P/S: Fiat (MYR) deposits and withdrawals are still disabled pending the setting up of our new banking processes. We will keep everyone notified when we've enabled fiat deposits and withdrawals again.

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