Sinegy-Logo-1Hello and a warm welcome to our first blog post.

SINEGY is a Malaysian fintech startup dedicated to building tools and solutions for crypto-assets and development of a cryptocurrency marketplace.

Being predominantly Penangites, we are blessed to be headquartered right in our own backyard of Penang. SINEGY's vision is for progressive education and mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Southeast Asia. Our established presence can be found in Singapore, Bangkok and Japan for the Asia region and Ireland as Europe's representative.

As grey an area as cryptocurrency is at present, SINEGY took the initiative by sending progress reports to authorities at Bank Negara Malaysia back in June 2017. Our intentions to remain transparent from the get-go is undeniable. Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and Anti-Terror Financing (ATF) are compliance practices put in place to demonstrate our due diligence in curbing possible illicit activities.

SINEGY is led by Kelvyn Chuah and 16-strong diverse individuals with backgrounds varying from product commercialization to software development to financial markets. The cultivation of onset lateral thinking drives us to constantly innovate in an evolving environment. Despite sounding like an assemblage of suited conformists, we're actually a pretty fun bunch inspired to be agents of change and our foray into the world of digital currency.


Disruptive innovation believer. Closet crypto enthusiast. Ethereum fan boy. Pay It Forward advocate.

Penang, Malaysia